Mail Merge Tools 2010 Word

Organizations communicate and contact with customers throughout their day to day operations. This communication can take different forms; that are welcome letters, special announcements or thank you emails etc. The mail merge feature in word can help organizations to produce several forms of written communication more professionally. The email merge process, organizations can create a batch of personalized letters or emails to send to your professional contacts. Each and every email and letter can include both standard and custom content. All of the information which you use to customize the letter or email is taken from entries in your data source, which can be mailing list. You can create a mail merge document when you have combination of letter or emails. You can do this by using Mail Merge Tools 2010 Word.

Mail Merge Tools 2010 Word

Mail Merge Tools 2010 Word

Know Your Data

This is the best option to start for any mail merge process is with a clear data list. If you are new and unfamiliar with data, do not worry you can do it. The list of data you use includes names, addresses, donations and products, it may be stored in an Excel sheet, a text file, an Access table or an Outlook contacts list.  You will get to import the data in the next step. Before merging your data get an idea of the fields you will use and see what the fields are.

Start Your Merge Document

When your data is ready which you want to merge, you have number of options and Mail Merge Tools 2010 Word. You can use one of Word’s merge templates. Create a blank document where you can add the texts and fields. If you are using a template, you can use the fields that are already placed when you merge your data.

Think Output

Click on the mailing tab and then click on Start Mail Merge to see your choices. The first choice is the letter and that is the most common. You can also create labels, envelopes, email messages and a directory you can use for an employee schedule and something else that fits your needs.

Import Your List

Once you have selected the type of output you want to create, now you can add your data. Now you can add the information which you want to merge with your document by typing it directly into word.

Use Ready Made Fields

You can add ready-made fields to your document. You can find a number of fields in the write and insert fields group in the mailing tab. Click on the address block to add a set of address fields to the document or click Greeting line and add a salutation.